I have worked with leaders in many different office and general work environments. Here is what some of them had to say.

University Student Services, Office Work:

Given the nature of the high volume, transaction based activities the support provided by Mike was critical to ensuring that management and staff were provided with the advice, guidance and tools necessary to ensure that performance expectations and the needs of the staff were met to achieve results…Mike communicated effectively across all levels of staff and management as well as union representatives and the Health and Safety Committee for the University…Mike demonstrated a user-focused, inclusive approach with managers and staff. He actively engaged with the units to better understand the nature of the work and employed an in-depth knowledge of ergonomics to bring forward practical solutions that often consisted of a blend of changes to the physical environment that enhanced functionality as well as additional training to assist the individual to have greater control over their work environment. His assessments took into consideration operational needs, biomechanical factors as well as behavioural influences on performance.

Printing Services, General Work:

I managed people with a wide range of occupations, some presenting difficulties in carrying out their daily work. How can a printer function if lifting reams of paper onto machines is painful? How can a book binder work if repetitive motions involved in the trade are painful? And the more familiar, how many years can an office worker continue if the use of a computer hurts? Mike provided elegant, simple, and sometimes leading edge technological solutions to these problems. Elegant: Move this counter over 18 inches and the problem is reduced or eliminated. Simple: put a 2 by 4 under this bench and the height will be perfect to eliminate the back problem. Technological: try out this new gadget, and we will see if that helps. The outcomes have been happy in half a dozen difficult cases over the years- staff report satisfaction and can carry on in their trade or occupation.

Finance, Office Work:

When I first joined the university community my knowledge of how a properly planned ergonomic workplace minimizes musculoskeletal issues was very limited. With Mike’s passion and knowledge I have learned a lot on this issue, and have also watched this very large institution’s workplace planning program and employee prevention training expand across all faculties, departments and divisions because of Mike’s initiatives.

Human Resources, Office Work:

He really listened to his clients and made them feel comfortable, even in difficult or sensitive situations. His calm and friendly demeanor helped establish a positive rapport. He had a way of really understanding the issue at hand, and asked all the right questions to come up with a workable solution.

Information Technology, Office Work:

As my role in the organization changes from individual contributor to management, Mike was able to help me learn the responsibilities from a management perspective. As a result, no matter where I worked in the University, my IT team was known for expert care in handling employee ergonomic issues with technology equipment. That is largely in part to the careful education and advice imparted to me by Mike in the early part of my career, and the continued support over the years after.

Facilities Services, General Work:

I dealt with Mike on many occasions. The outcome was always positive and I always felt 100% confident that I could count on Mike for assistance whenever called upon.

Mailing Services, General Work:

He was always quick to respond, took the required time to listen to my concerns and most often followed up my inquiries with a personal visit to the specific work site to ensure he had a full understanding of the issues involved. He frequently provided work accommodation programs for my staff, provided front line training and assisted me in designing practical work place inspections that were specific to my work environment.

Parking Operations, General Work:

His communication style is straightforward and pleasant and he has demonstrated the ability to manage different communications styles. He has shown the ability to express the fact that he does not agree with what one of my staff members was saying in such a way that they did not feel slighted or marginalized.

University Administration, Office Work:

One example in particular that demonstrates Mike's expertise, professionalism and commitment to his work was in late 2013 when I called on him to help an employee with advanced multiple sclerosis. The employee was not yet ready to go on long term disability and really wanted to continue being a productive member of the campus. I can honestly say that it was only thanks to Mike's incredible support that she acquired the tools she needed to continue to do her work.

Business School, Office Work:

Mike's presentations at the Health and Safety Forums were always extremely informative and practical. You always left his session feeling that he provided the audience (the Health and Safety Officers and the management team) with enough guidance and information to carry out the task within our respective departments.

Law School, Office Work:

Mike has always been responsive to the issues I’ve brought forward and provide thorough assessments and sound solutions that not only work in theory but are practical. Mike also takes the time to thoroughly research solutions and look for cost effective alternatives while always ensuring to address the needs of the employee.

Libraries, Office Work:

His respectful manner meant that he was able to de-escalate potentially sensitive matters so that the focus of discussions was on solutions…He was always able to propose realistic solutions that improved the well-being of our staff.

Renovations, Office Work:

Most of my interactions with Mike over the years were centered on ergonomic issues brought up through the Joint Health and Safety committees. I found Mike to be very attentive and upbeat, issues were well understood and solutions were practical and doable.  Mikes communication skills are excellent and his mannerisms make him a very approachable person.